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© Nigel Nunn 2022
To fish or not to fish...

It seems strange, as someone whose livelihood depends on fishing (and the people who fish) to ask this question.

But, in light of the recent high temperatures and low rivers both in the UK and across Europe, it seems the right time to ask…

When is it best not to fish?

The facts are fairly straightforward as stated by the Wild Trout Trust:

If we choose to ignore these facts, it doesn’t matter how careful any angler is, with barbless hooks, catch and release and keeping ‘em wet… if we ignore this simple rule of thumb then the fish we treasure and value so greatly will suffer and more than likely die if fished for in such conditions.

So… what to do? I’m sure some gameshow host said “The choice is yours” (or maybe it was “The price is right”) but the choice really is yours and more importantly what your conscience allows.

Me, I’ll take the advice of Jason who is one of the most passionate and committed anglers I know:

“This weekend will be about drinking wine in the shade, the fishing can wait.”

Wise words. Cheers!

© Nigel Nunn 2022

PS: Apologies for the lack of blog posts recently, been very busy tying flies.

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