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I'm a passionate full time fly tyer and fly fisherman based in West Malling, Kent, UK.

I specialise in original patterns, all designed, developed and tested over many seasons and on different rivers in the UK and around the world. They are scruffy, buggy, naturalistic and unusual but tied purely with the fish in mind.

All my flies are created due to existing patterns being increasingly ignored by trout as their environments change on the rivers and streams I fish.

Throughout the entire ordering and fly tying process I maintain a close relationship with all my clients. This includes: advice on selections, sketches, photos from the bench as I'm tying and providing updates. For more information,
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As a result of this I'm rewarded with a constant flow of reports and information that help both refine and improve my patterns and influence new designs.

I have also become part of the Alternative Tackle collective as their first fly tyer. I was deeply honoured to be asked and look forward to showing my work alongside some of the world's finest rod and reel makers. 

For any further information, fly orders or enquiries, please don't hesitate to contact me at:
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