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“Nigel’s flies have changed the way I fish my local rivers. They are always the flies I reach for first, and tie on with added confidence. They look so wonderfully buggy and full of life, I’d eat one myself if I were a trout.

I have caught my biggest and most beautiful fish on Nigel’s patterns. I’ve had many memorable sessions fooling tricky fish to sip in a YPT or gulp down a PHD. Even the most stubborn of fish it seems, eventually succumbs to something from Nigel’s vice.


I’ve had the added pleasure of testing new patterns and feeding back on performance. Our late night, post river bank chats, full of enthusiasm and postulation, always result in new innovations tied with passion and purpose. 

I’m now counting down the days until the new season starts. I’m waiting for the postman to call. I’m waiting for those small brown envelopes, with their charming illustrations, and their beautiful bugs within to fall onto my doormat. Then the adventures can begin once again.”

David Burton/phishtitz


“To receive through the post a fly filled envelope from Nigel is to be offered an outstretched hand from his world of the perfectly imagined stream where trout rise freely to scruffy flies that in parts break the rules of traditional fly tying yet in sum create new ground and fire the flyfisherman's spirit.”


“I just love your bravery with taking materials and concepts to what most of us would call extreme. Although I’ve always known the adage ‘is shaggy, is good’, as well as the observed effectiveness of well chewed, almost unraveling flies, to catch fish, to actually set out to allow materials a seemingly unrestrained place on the hook is a lesson I need to learn. You have certainly challenged my thinking and inspired my tying. Very grateful to you.”

Greg Linley/thursdays_hopper


“It looks just like one of the mayflies in my book.”

Tom's Lad, Wessex, UK

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